My DVD Review: ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’ [video]

It’s time for another movie review – I recently bought and watched the TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D. Here’s my review and I hope it comes in handy. Have a great holiday weekend! – Mike ‘the movie guy

If you’ve seen it – what did you think?



Hello boys and girls, this is Mister Remix, Jenny Fly’s trusted friend and close partner in crime. I regret to inform you all that I will be temporarily shutting down Jenny’s website as I update the hosting and website information. Soon, Jenny’s blog will be at, instead of on

So stay tuned, keep an eye out, tell a friend… We’ll be back soon enough with a vengeance!

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Pierce’s Playground – Episode 24 with Jennyfly [podcast]





On tonight’s show, Jennyfly and I talk about Arnold in the Toxic Avenger, Wonder Woman, Disney, CW TV schedule, Bang with Friends, music news, gossip, DVD Tuesday, Movies on Friday, Texas Chainsaw 3D, Houston nightlife, and more!


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Pierce’s Playground – Episode 23 with Jennfly [podcast]







On today’s show, Jennyfly and I chat about what’s going on in Houston, DVD releases, Texas Chainsaw 3D, Star Trek: Into Darkness weekend event, Kanye West, weird news, movies, TV show news, Teen Mom 2 sex tape, other cool blogs, music, Man of Steel Walmart promotion, and more.



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Wedge love

I think I’m in love with my new Guess wedges! I found these little cuties at Marshalls last weekend and I had to pick them up! You can pair them with a cute maxi dress, jeans and a cute top and pretty much anything. The color is fab and will surely make any outfit stand out.

photo 1 photo 2 photo

Staying active

Working out has never been one of my favorite things to do but because I want to stay healthy, feel and look young; working out is a must in my life. I live in front of my computer and I’m always looking for different ways to stay active. I came across this workout and tried it out with one of my friends last week. It was tough to say the least. If you feel like trying something new, I suggest you try it out.


Los Angeles Press Junket: ‘Aftershock’ [audio]


Review By Jesus Figueroa

On this podcast Jesus Figueroa of and sits down to chat with Producer /Co-Writer / Actor Eli Roth, Director / Co-Writer / Executive Producer Nicolás López, Actress Lorenza Izzo and Actress Natasha Yarovenko.

They talk about the inspiration behind the film, AFTERSHOCK – the earthquake in Chile, surviving the earthquake, digital vs. practical effects, expected reactions from Chile and more.


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BedRoom Dj’s Mix #2! DJWKD & Mike Pierce! [video podcast]

Dj Wicked and I did it again. The Monday ‘BEDROOM MIX’ – we ‘performed’ yesterday! (lol) You can catch us live on every Monday at noon (central time).

But Monday, May 13 – we’ll be at a charity event – – – soooo we’re doing it on Tuesday, May 14 at noon…then after that – we’re back on Monday’s. Cool?! Cool. ENJOY. – Mike ‘the movie guy’