Pierce’s Playground – Episode 28 w/ Jennyfly [podcast]

On tonight’s show, Jennyfly and I chat about the Kanye and Kim baby, weird news, True Blood (spoilers), Big Brother 15, Sushi, Houston Rockets VS Shaq, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Racism, DJS, music, R.I.P.D., Free giveaways, Grown Ups 2, Pacific Rim, New DVDs, and much more!

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Pierce’s Playground – Episode 19 with @Jennyfly [podcast]


In case you missed the live show – @mikethemovieguy and I chatted about Beyonce, Super Dog, living healthy, The Great Gasby, music, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, relationships, teachers having sex, Emma Watson, MTV, Roger Ebert, TV, Elmo, giveaways, movie reviews, Netflix, and more.


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Pierce’s Playground – Episode 15 with @Jennyfly [podcast]

In today’s show, MIKEthemovieguy and I chat about The Walking Dead (Spoilers), Chris Brown, Emma Watson, Houston Texans, news, Snooki, DMX, Dj Penetrate, Dj Wicked, clubs, Angels Crest DVD review, Oz The Great and Powerful, Dead Man Down, entertainment, and more!


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Links to a few things discussed on previous episodes of Pierce’s Playground

Below you can find a few links to a few stories we’ve covered on Pierce’s Playground! If you haven’t checked out the podcast, please check out this link and listen in.

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