BedRoom Dj’s Mix #2! DJWKD & Mike Pierce! [video podcast]

Dj Wicked and I did it again. The Monday ‘BEDROOM MIX’ – we ‘performed’ yesterday! (lol) You can catch us live on every Monday at noon (central time).

But Monday, May 13 – we’ll be at a charity event – – – soooo we’re doing it on Tuesday, May 14 at noon…then after that – we’re back on Monday’s. Cool?! Cool. ENJOY. – Mike ‘the movie guy’


Bedroom Mix – Episode 1 with Dj Wicked [video]

Dj Wicked and I started a new mixshow podcast – we call it the ‘BEDROOM MIX’ with the Bedroom DJS. We mix LIVE on and we mix LIVE from his bedroom. YEP – from his bedroom. You can check out the LIVE show from 12 noon to 3PM (central time).


See ya Monday!