The other white meat!

I went grocery shopping last week and picked up pork tenderloins to make for dinner. I love to cook so I figured I’d look up a quick and easy recipe to put these tenderloins to good use! I found this Dijon Marsala Sauce recipe on and figured I’d give it a try! It was quick, easy, tasty and my pops loved it. He said the taste was delicious!  Check the link for all the details! Happy Cooking!!



Day filled with cooking

photo (5)Today was filled with cooking! It’s one of my absolute favorite things to do!! I started off the day with turkey sausage and eggs with pancakes! The turkey sausage and eggs is very simple. I add green onions, white onions, tomato, a potato and a little cilantro and cook with the sausage and finally just add the eggs. Simple, quick and super tasty!

photo 1

For dinner, a simple sopa de estrellas and cubed beef did the trick. You fry the uncooked sopa in oil with the garlic until a little brown then add boiled water and season with sazon de pollo and sazon de tomate. I also add a little garlic salt, onion salt and mixed vegetables and let it boil until it’s ready! For the cubed beef I cut up green onions, white onions, cilantro, garlic and fry it in oil for a few minutes then add the cubed beef with a can of beef broth and let it boil until cooked.