Feel that BEAT

Went to the gym last night for a workout with my trainer and it definitely wasn’t easy! I’m seeing him two more times this week and I know I’m going to feel it. I saw this phrase on the wall when we walked in and it immediately gave me a little motivation so I wanted to share with all of you! I know working out is tough but after you finish your workout, you will feel so much better about life in general.photo (5)


Working on my fitness

I finally made my way back to the gym after a whole week off! I usually work out 5 times a week by doing different workouts like Zumba, weight training and working out with my trainer. Today I decided to workout at 24 Hr Fitness and take the Training Camp class. We did lunges, squats, weights and high intensity cardio intervals. It was definitely tough but worth it, especially since I had a whole week off.